The Deal for foster carers

We know an important part of being a foster family involves having quality staff and services available to you 24/7. So we’ve been working on a support package to do just that.

We want to invest in your future with us. That’s why we’ve put together a new benefit package to show you just how much we value you and how crucial you are in supporting children in care.

What is it?

The Deal for foster carers has been created to benefit the whole family.

Whether you’re new to fostering or an experienced carer, we will provide you with all the support and training required to help change a young person’s life. This now includes financial rewards and a substantial support package.

We want to give our foster carers the opportunity to build a career in fostering. This could be through training, mentoring, being involved in local support groups and recruiting other carers, enabling you to develop a host of skills that enhance your expertise as a foster carer.

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