Residential children's homes

Our children’s homes provide accommodation for young people that have emotional, attachment and/or behavioural difficulties which at the time of admission prevents them from being placed within a family setting.

The homes prepare young people to develop independence skills, so that they can support themselves financially, emotionally and practically when they leave.

There are five homes across Wigan Borough three provide long term care, two provide short term breaks. All homes are registered with Ofsted and are inspected twice a year.


A full assessment is undertaken with the young person, their family, social workers and other significant people to identify needs and the most appropriate resources to meet those needs.

The ability of the young person to participate in their assessment will vary depending on their age and level of understanding. 

  • The homes provide a therapeutic environment focusing on child development and preparation for future placement. The assessment takes into account safeguarding and promoting the young person's welfare, the child's development needs, parenting capacity as well as family and environmental factors
  • Following assessment young people may return home, move to a substitute family or be maintained in their residential placement, if this is considered to be in their best interests
  • The registered managers ensure that each young person’s placement and care plan is maintained and recommendations are followed out in line with statutory review of arrangements 
  • The homes provide care that is as close as possible to the care provided by loving and responsive parents, having the same expectations and affording the same opportunities given to other children/young people in the local community. 

Placing a child in Wigan from other Local Authorities

If you are planning to place a child from your Local Authority in Wigan and it is a 'distant' placement you need to consult with the right team to gather further information to support your matching process.


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