Autism Friendly Business Award

We believe that people with autism should be able to enjoy access to local business and services, just like anybody else.

To help businesses become more autism friendly, we’ve worked with local autistic people to create the Autism Friendly Business Award, which makes businesses more accessible and helps open up public spaces to autistic people and their families.

What are the benefits?

  • More members of the public can access your business
  • An Autism Friendly Business certificate, window sticker and digital logo to display in your premises and website, sending a clear message to the public that you are a welcoming place for autistic people
  • Advice and support to help you ensure recruitment processes are suitable for somebody with autism
  • You will be making Wigan Borough a more autism friendly place.

Hear from businesses in Wigan who have already taken steps to be more accessible for people with autism and are seeing the benefits.

What do I need to do?

Before applying for the award, you will need to complete the steps listed in the table below. Once you have done this, you can submit your application.

We will then arrange a mystery customer inspection of your premises to ensure you've followed the steps. On confirming this, you will be awarded the Autism Friendly Business Award.

Steps you need to take

Take part in a FREE Autism Friends awareness session

This one-hour long session aims to raise awareness of autism to the public by promoting key messages that we think everybody should know. To date, over 4000 people in Wigan have undertaken this training.

Arrange a free session for your business

Recognise the Autism Friendly Wigan Passport

For some people with autism communication can be difficult and so by simply showing their passport to a member of staff it makes it easier for them to get extra help or assistance.

Download the Wigan Passport Card

Make your business environment more accessible

People with autism may experience sensory overload caused by loud noises, bright lights, loud hand driers or busy, crowded areas. We would like all businesses to hold a monthly quiet hour where for one hour per month businesses will turn off the music, dim the lights and turn off the hand driers.

Find out more

Give consideration to autistic job applicants

Some people with autism need assistance when applying for a job, this may mean extra time during a job interview or support from a professional or family member/friend to attend the interview.

Find out more (external link)


Help people with autism plan a visit to your business

Make sure that information is available to help people with autism plan a visit, this includes information on your website about quieter periods as well as pictures or videos of your building to help people familiarise themselves with the layout and feel of the place.

Find out more

How to apply

Applications are now closed.


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