Improving personalisation

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

What is TLAP?

TLAP is a national partnership focused on enabling people to be in more control of the care and support services they receive and encouraging interaction between service users, carers, councils and other groups.

Improving personalisation in Wigan

We recently asked service users, carers and providers in Wigan to tell us about their experience around key elements of personalisation. This feedback showed how successful personalisation and community based support has been in Wigan and gave us three priorities for improvement over the next six months:

  • Information and advice
  • Workforce
  • Personal budgets and self-funding

What happens next?

We will now use these three priorities to improve personalisation and will use our TLAP – ‘Making it Real’ action plan to encourage improvements to be made. We will consult again with service users, carers and providers in six months to explore how successful we have been and to consider any new areas in need of improvement.


If you have any comments or questions about Think Local Act Personal – ‘Making it Real’ please contact us (see right).


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