Support after illness or injury

The Early Intervention Service is about helping people regain the ability to look after themselves following illness or injury (reablement).

Keeping your independence and helping you live at home is very important to us and we have trained therapists and assessors who can support you to improve your abilities and do as much as you can for yourself.

What help will I get?

When you contact adult social care to ask for help in your everyday life you may be referred to us to find out if you have potential to improve your independence. 

You will have an assessment to find out about your health, lifestyle, abilities and what you would like to achieve. This will involve asking you to demonstrate how you manage with activities such as walking, making a drink, using the stairs, getting in and out of the bath etc. 

We can provide short, intensive help for up to 6 weeks which may include:

  • Designing a reablement programme to help you to gain skills and confidence at home (the service is provided free of charge for up to six weeks)
  • Providing equipment or adaptations to help you to carry out daily living skills
  • Providing advice on new methods and techniques
  • Providing assistive technology devices (such as emergency alarms)
  • Referring you onto other relevant services or agencies.

It may take some time for assessments to be completed and equipment to be ordered. If this is the case the reablement team can offer you support until the programme can be implemented.

What happens next?

We will continually assess your needs to see if there are any tasks that you are still struggling with and require support for. We will pass all the information we have gathered about your abilities to the appropriate team to progress your case further in a social care assessment.

You will also have a financial assessment find out if you have to pay anything towards the cost of your ongoing support needs.

How to contact us

If you wish to discuss the progress of your referral please contact the number below and they will direct you to the relevant person.

  • Wigan: 01942 489494
  • Ashton: 01942 828787
  • Leigh: 01942 404523

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