Dementia friendly communities

Dementia Friendly Communities logoThe Dementia Friendly Communities programme is part of the Prime Minister's challenge on dementia.

The Dementia Friendly Community project, working in partnership with the local Alzheimer's Society, looked at what's needed to make the community a good place to live for people with dementia and their carers - making a difference for people with dementia and enabling them to feel supported, to seek help in their local community, encouraging independence, choice and control over their lives.

In order for this to happen the community needed to understand what it means to live with dementia. So the opinions of people with dementia and their carers has been at the heart of any considerations or decisions made by the community.

This initiative has managed to connect a really mixed group of people into a complex social care challenge, moving away from consultation around services to a “conversation” where people see the solutions resting in their own hands and actions. The projects on this website are now underway and we have local organisations and businesses leading the work supported by groups of local people. These projects are free to people who have dementia and their carers.

We're getting involved

Wigan Council is encouraging it’s employees to become Dementia Friends and play their part in supporting people with dementia. By widening their own understanding of the issues, our staff can help to spread that knowledge every day, when dealing with customers and local communities.


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