Special Educational Needs and Disability Service (SENDS)

If you have a child with special education needs or disabilities we will provide assistance to make sure that they get they help and support they need. The SENDS team work with schools, colleges and other settings to make sure they provide high quality education for those children.

Help with EHC Plans

We can help you through the process of being referred and assessed for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. If you currently have a Statement of SEN we will transfer these to EHC Plans. This is a gradual process that will be completed by April 2018. We also monitor the annual review of these plans.

If you think you need an EHC Plan you can make a referral for an assessment yourself but if a child or young person attends a setting, school or college you should speak to the key person involved with them who will make the referral for you.

On the rare occasion that a parent/carer needs to make a referral you can contact us.

Preparing for adulthood

When your child reaches 16 we will support them in preparing for adulthood by offering advice and help in making contact with colleges and other providers. 

Young people with autism

The Autism Pathway and Service supports families, schools, colleges and other professionals to help children and young people who have a diagnosis of autism. This includes organising training sessions for parents/carers and professionals.

Social care for children with disabilities

The social care team undertakes assessments of need for children and young people with disabilities. Working closely alongside the young people and their families they then put services in place to meet the identified needs. This could include putting families in touch with support networks and giving information about social opportunities.

Short breaks

We work with a range of organisations and agencies to provide quality short breaks that children and young people and their families want. It is important for everyone:

  • Parents can have a break from their caring role, confident that the people providing the short breaks are capable of meeting their child's needs
  • Your child can develop other social networks and friendships, enjoy new experiences and fulfil their potential. 

Co-ordinated support

When you are undergoing the EHC referral and assessment process a key working manager will co-ordinate the support you need. Sometimes, in the most complex of cases, you might have a dedicated key worker. In less complex cases this might be done by a professional who knows you well and has a good understanding of the issues you face.

The Children's Education Advisory Service

The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) is an information, advice and support service for families in the armed forces. If you are a parent in the armed forces and your child has special educational needs you are advised to register with the service so the team can make sure the needs of your child are met. Visit Children's Education Advisory Service (external link) for more information.


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