Nursery school places

Maintained nursery classes

A maintained nursery class is managed by a governing body and is usually on the site of a primary school.

Places at maintained nurseries are available for three and four year-olds the year before they start school, but they may be able to go sooner if there are enough places. Your child can get 15 hours of free nursery care each week for 38 weeks each year, but in some nurseries you can buy more hours. Places are available for 2 year olds at some community nurseries.

Wigan Council is the admission authority for community nurseries and determines the admission arrangements for 2 year old and 3/4 year old places:

List of community nurseries and admission arrangements 2016-17

Applying for a maintained nursery place

To apply for a place at a community nursery please contact the school or download the relevant application form above. All completed application forms must be submitted to the individual nursery.

For more information about nurseries and other childcare provision available in Wigan please contact the us on 01942 404364 or visit the Family Directory (external link).

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