Emergency planning

We all hope that major incidents like a train crash, an industrial accident, flooding, or a terrorist attack won’t happen but it is important that we have a plan to respond effectively should something go wrong.

The council has developed plans and procedures to ensure we can respond effectively to emergencies affecting the borough whatever the incident. These plans are tested through real-life exercises, and people trained to carry them out.

We also work with community groups and the voluntary sector to help prepare individuals and communities how to respond and recover from an emergency.

Risk Register

It is important to know what things pose the greatest risks to us locally, so that we can reduce those risks if possible and to plan for if they do happen.

Central government publishes a National Risk Register each year setting out the risks. Working from this, with the emergency services and local authorities across Greater Manchester, we develop a Community Risk Register. The Greater Manchester Community Risk Register is available from the Greater Manchester Prepared (external link) website.


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