Citizenship ceremonies

Coronavirus → Changes to citizenship ceremonies

Virtual Citizenship Ceremonies will be introduced from Wednesday 17th March. All our Citizenships will be virtual and offered on an individual basis. New British Citizens will be invited to their individual ceremony by the Registration Office, the ceremony will then be conducted via Microsoft Teams.

You will need to have your Home Office letter and photographic identification when attending your ceremony which you will hold up to the camera for verification.

Under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 all applicants aged 18 years or over who have been granted British citizenship must attend a citizenship ceremony.

The ceremony will include taking an oath or affirmation to the Queen and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.

You can only attend a virtual citizenship ceremony if you have been granted British citizenship by the Home Office.

You must contact the Home Office to apply for British citizenship (external link).

Making an appointment

If you have been granted British citizenship and received your letter from the Home Office, you will need to contact the Registration Office so we can arrange a date and time for your virtual ceremony. To do this you will need to complete the online form below, quoting your Home Office reference number.

Please note you must have received your home office letter before you can contact us.


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