What's on at home - 27th April

Week 2 - 27th April 2020

To help support the residents of the Wigan Borough with staying at home, we have put together our top five activities to do each week to make the most of your time and most importantly to have fun while staying safe at home.

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While schools are shut, it’s important to try and support young people with their education at home. Most school’s have put together a programme for students to continue with their learning with support from their teachers. However, if you are looking for additional options for learning, BBC Bitesize has resources for primary, secondary and post 16. They have also launched their new daily lessons, which include topics around Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and more. These lessons are sorted into year groups and students can look out for lessons from several celebrities including Jodie Whittaker, Brian Cox, Sir David Attenborough, Sergio Aguero and Danny Dyer. Lessons are also available via the red button and on iPlayer.


Fitness and workouts

Exercise can help with maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, but it can also lift your mood, give you a boost of energy and help manage your mental health. Whether you’re an avid gym goer or want to try out some new exercise routines, the NHS’s Fitness Studio exercise videos have a variety of workouts created by fitness experts. Activities can range from 10 to 45 minutes and there are several videos to choose from including aerobic exercise, strength and resistance, Pilates and yoga and fitness plans. 


Cooking activities

Fancy doing some home baking? Award winning food writer and chef Olivia Potts is doing a live isolation bake on Instagram every day at 11am. She has been baking a variety of foods, from sweet treats like brownies and crumble, to breads such as focaccia and flatbread. Don’t worry if you miss her live stream! All past recipes can be found on the highlights on her Instagram account


Computer and desk

Do you have a family member or friend affected by dementia? On the 30th April, Alzheimer’s Society are hosting a Singing for the Brain event live on Facebook at 3pm. Joined by Alzheimer’s Society ambassador and TV start Vicky McClure, the event aims to bring people together to sing a variety of songs in a friendly environment. Everyone is welcome! The theme is ‘classic hits’, so make sure you head to their Facebook page to find out more about the event and support they have in place.



Wigan is a town with a wealth of cultural history and Wigan STEAM have put together a celebration of the town’s heritage through a digital exhibition. Featuring work by local photographer Martin Holden, explore the visual artists, music, literature, theatre and public art. They have also put together some activities you can do inspired by the exhibition. Visit their website now to start delving into Wigan’s history.

Looking for activities to do on the weekend? Check out our What’s on at Home Weekend Guide for more ideas of how to have fun while staying safe at home.


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