Recovery, Rugby League World Cup and Armed Forces Day

Recovery, Rugby League World Cup and Armed Forces Day

I have mentioned in previous columns about the council’s recovery strategy to help us adapt to the new circumstances caused by the pandemic.

We have outlined what we believe the priority areas are and this month we have started a crucial phase of developing our plans further.

Everyone across the borough is encouraged to take part in the COVID-19 Impact Survey over the next two months, just as many of you did during the Big Listening Project back in 2018.

That consultation helped the production of the Deal 2030 but we must accept that a lot has changed since then and we won’t be able to return to how things were a matter of months ago.

We would like to know how your life has been affected and whether any changes can help us shape the way the council delivers services. So, please, if you can, find time to give us your feedback.

The COVID-19 impact survey is available via our website and will also be posted through your door as part of the next edition of Borough Life magazine. There is also a chance to win an iPad with anyone who completes the survey entered into the prize draw.

Last week we marked the 500 days to go milestone for the Rugby League World Cup. The day came with a number of announcements, including that Leigh will host the Lebanon squad for the duration of the tournament.

The way Leigh and the borough embraced our visitors in the previous world cup in the UK was fantastic and I’m sure we will improve even more on that level of enthusiasm.

We know our borough is the home of the sport and the tournament will reinforce that Rugby League is a global game. We are looking forward to welcoming fans from across the world and although we’re still a long way off, I’m sure the excitement will continue to build between now and then.

You may have also watched the launch video for last week’s event, featuring the borough’s own Jack Johnson as our representative. I would like to say thank you to Jack for doing such a great job and I encourage everyone to keep supporting Joining Jack.

We have seen in recent weeks that certain lockdown measures have been eased and it is encouraging to see that some retail facilities are reopening – including some of our borough’s markets and the high streets.

However, last week’s rise in the R figure in the region serves as a warning that we still need to be cautious of the threat of coronavirus infection.

Our message has always been to Stay Home, Be Kind – so please keep up with the social-distancing measures and remain at home as much as possible.

Looking ahead to this month, we will mark Armed Forces Day and ensure we recognise the contributions of our veterans and serving personnel.

Although we will not be able to celebrate their dedication and hard-work in the way we have done in previous years, plans are in place to make sure it is a special day. 

Posted on Friday 19th June 2020

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