Big Listening Festival - Climate change

Big Listening Festival - Climate change

Since the declaration of a Climate Emergency on 17th July 2019, Wigan Council has worked hard to make climate action a priority, as well as managing essential service provision and supporting the borough through a global pandemic. We are all aware that climate change is a global challenge that we all face, but in order to understand, plan and prepare for localised impacts to Wigan Borough, we must all work together. 

The Council has been successful in the bidding of several areas of funding to lower carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and lower costs in the mid-long term. We have several schemes to decarbonise public buildings such as Leigh Sports Village, Makerfield Depot, Turnpike Centre, Howe Bridge Leisure Centre and Hope School which will see the installation of solar PV, air and ground source heat pumps and other energy efficiency measures.

We have a strong history of environmental work within Wigan Council, and we are lucky to be supported by so many fantastic community groups and residents who are passionate about the place they live in and want to protect their local environment. Throughout the past year we have seen many people take pride in their local environment, helping with litter picking, tree planting and restoring biodiversity.

Over the past 12 months, we have made real progress at the local level to tackle the climate crisis. We adopted our Outline Climate Change Strategy in October 2020. Our commitment to protecting our natural environment and greenspaces is at the heart of The Deal 2030. Working with partners such as the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, in many locations we have created biodiversity havens, with the planting of wildflower meadows and species rich grasslands, bringing important pollinators back to local communities. This action on the climate crisis, also has huge benefits for our health and wellbeing, making sure we are reconnecting with nature.

I strongly believe that our work is really important to our young people within Wigan Borough, and now more than ever our Eco Schools programme is creating the ambition to protect local environments. It has also been brilliant to watch our Youth Cabinet engage with climate change projects, ensuring the youth voice is included in decision-making.

I am passionate about supporting the Council and the borough to lower its emissions, and to support communities and businesses in their transition to more sustainable ways of living and working. Wigan Council can’t tackle the climate crisis on it’s own, and it needs the support of every resident, community and business to take responsibility and act together. Every small action you take can help, whether it’s:

  • Recycle more, recycle right
  • Car free commutes to work or school 
  • Monitoring your home’s energy consumption
  • Lowering your red meat and dairy intake

It is vital that our work to tackle the climate crisis continues to grow, and I hope a sustainable future with a local, green economy that works for all, will be welcome by many across the borough.

By taking part in our Big Listening Festival, it will help the Council, to address priorities on climate action, by working with partners and local communities to promote health, wealth and wellbeing. I’d like to hear from individual residents and community groups about what more we can do to tackle the climate crisis, how you can help, and how we can help you to thrive.

As part of the Big Listening Festival, we have 2 digital conversions on the Climate Change Big Topic:

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Posted on Thursday 8th July 2021

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