Wigan Council responds to the Marmot review

Wigan Council responds to the Marmot review

The leader of Wigan Council, Councillor David Molyneux, has responded to the outcome of the Marmot Review published on Wednesday June 30:

“This report is a call to arms and shows the worsening health inequalities within Greater Manchester when compared to the rest of the Country. It backs up what we’ve been saying for a long time. Health inequalities are a significant issue for our communities and Covid-19 has only highlighted and exacerbated that fact. Our region has experienced a 25 per cent higher death rate than England as a whole during the pandemic, and there is a stark increase in reduced life expectancy for those living in Greater Manchester.

“Health is built in families, communities and neighbourhoods through investment in early years. We urgently need to address child poverty, education, and opportunities to bring out our young people’s talents, creativity and potential.

“Britain’s recovery plan needs to reflect these stark statistics by taking devolution and levelling up seriously – giving regions like ours a level playing field when it comes to the health of our population. We cannot ignore this health crisis and I implore the government to start taking notice of what’s happening outside of the capital before the gap becomes too big to fill.

“We must rebalance national investment into well-being as an economic good with a fair financial settlement for areas hardest hit and learn the lessons from the pandemic. Investing in public health and devolving resources and leadership to local authorities as the strategic leaders of place makes economic as well as health sense – an approach exemplified by the King’s Fund report on the Wigan Deal.”

Read the review here: ‘Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: Health Equity and Dignified Lives

Posted on Thursday 1st July 2021

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