Nine-year-old Alfie proves himself to be a litter picking champion

Nine-year-old Alfie proves himself to be a litter picking champion

A nine-year-old schoolboy has been recognised by Wigan Council after going out his way to scour the streets for any rubbish he spots.

Alfie Lythgoe, of Beech Hill, has proved to be an eco-warrior after clearing anything from plastic bottles and crisp packets dropped by residents.

It all started from an early age when eagle-eyed Alfie would collect any dirty debris near the canal while walking the dog with his mum.

Even while playing out with his friends, the St Andrew’s Church of England pupil comes back home armed with waste for the bins.

After being made aware of the shining example he was setting for others, council bosses invited the star litter picker for a guided tour of Kirkless Recycling Centre in Ince.

Alfie’s mum, Caroline, says his rubbish removal actions have come naturally and something he will continue to do free from instruction.

Caroline added: “This is not something I have forced on him or persuaded him he should be doing, he has seen the rubbish himself and wanted to make a difference.

“Once he comes back from a walk with the dog or playing outside with his friends, he even then separates it all so the items go in the correct bin.

“I am extremely proud of him and cannot put it into words how much, it’s fantastic that his efforts have been recognised by the council.”

During the tour, the litter picking champion got to see how the recycling plant works and where some of the rubbish he collects and ends up.

Caroline says this was a great treat for Alfie who is fascinated with how things are made and spends hours on YouTube watching various videos on machinery and science.

Mayor of Wigan Council, Councillor Steve Dawber, met Alfie yesterday at the recycling centre on the guided tour and has praised his eco efforts.

Coun Dawber said: “It was a pleasure to meet Alfie and his mum and to hear all about his efforts to keep the borough clean and green.

“Alfie has proved himself to be a litter hero and his efforts to rid the borough of rubbish is an inspiration to us all.

“His dedication for looking after the environment is a welcome reminder to us all that what we do now will impact on future generations.”

Earlier this year, Wigan Council proposed an innovative and more targeted litter strategy to ensure the borough becomes more sustainable.

It’s hoped that by encouraging people to be good citizens and to be proud of the areas they live, work or play in the borough, that Wigan and Leigh can be litter free by 2030.

For further information on what can and can’t go in each bin or if you want to start more information for recycling, then visit: Which bin do I use?

Posted on Thursday 10th October 2019

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