Sky high satisfaction levels for Wigan Council tenants

Sky high satisfaction levels for Wigan Council tenants

Thousands of upgrade projects for council homes across Wigan Borough were completed last year, according to a new report.

Investment totalling £61m was spent on improvement works as part of Wigan Council’s commitment to delivering housing that meets the needs of residents.

The latest edition of the Tenant Annual Report details how council teams have replaced 1,655 bathrooms last year – making a total of 17,322 since 2013/14.

During the 12 month period, a total of 5,565 properties were subject to planned works which included bathroom upgrades, cyclical works and roofing work, for example.

And feedback figures showed 99 per cent of those tenants affected said they were satisfied with work carried out.

Furthermore, maintenance teams managed to carry out just short of 79,000 repairs with 93 per cent completed ‘right first time’.

Councillor Terry Halliwell, portfolio holder for housing and welfare at the council said: “The latest annual report supports Wigan Council’s vision of delivering new, high quality and affordable homes that are built to the highest standards.

“It’s fantastic to see not only the money ploughed into improvements but how tens of thousands of repairs were completed right first time showing a high measure of care and expertise.

“Investment in the upkeep of our homes will ensure we can provide communities with homes that are the in the right place to meet their needs and improve their quality of life.”

Part of the investment saw £11.7m used towards the council’s new build programme, which will help to provide more affordable housing across the borough.

Reinvestment in communities through our Deal for Communities Investment Fund has also been achieved with over £300,000 invested into groups that work with and support tenants.

Ensuring the borough’s neighbourhoods are clean and attractive for residents has been a goal throughout as well as with 25 Tidy Up Tuesdays held across the borough.

One example being the Worsley Hall Clean Up Day in February which saw residents of all ages join forces along with council officers, local PCSOs, and elected members all mucking in.

Moving into next year Wigan Council wants to develop affordable housing that meets our residents’ needs and conduct a housing needs assessment survey to help identify the borough’s housing priorities for the future.

The survey which will go live on 12th November and is available to everyone in the borough and not just council tenants.

Mainly formed through tick box questions, the impending survey asks for opinions on what they believe council priorities should be for housing in the borough.

Councillor Halliwell added: “We want to continue providing high-quality, affordable homes that will encourage people to come and live and work in Wigan and Leigh.

“The survey is your chance to have a say about what you, your family and your friends will need both now and in the future, so please don’t miss the opportunity in November.”

See a list of all the tenants and residents groups that we support.

Posted on Friday 8th November 2019

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