Local businesses sign up to become age-friendly

Local businesses sign up to become age-friendly

Age Friendly Businesses

Age Friendly businesses unite in Wigan town centre

Businesses in Wigan town centre have pledged to support older people in the community.

The Galleries and Grand Arcade shopping centres are the latest to sign up to the age-friendly businesses initiative which is part of the council’s work to create age-friendly neighbourhoods.

To become age-friendly a business must be able to offer an older person:

  • A place to sit and rest, without pressure to buy
  • A glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee
  • An emergency phone call if needed
  • Patience and assistance for customers who may be confused or forgetful
  • Toilet facilities (if possible)

Wigan Council is working with Age UK and the local Ambition for Ageing team on the project, called Take a Seat, which encourages businesses to think about what they can offer an older person.

Earlier this year Atherton, Leigh, Pemberton and Shevington were recognised by Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester’s Mayor, as being age-friendly neighbourhoods.

Businesses on Standish high street are also signing up to become age-friendly.

An age-friendly neighbourhood is a place where residents are committed to looking out for each other, older people feel they can have a say in what’s going on in their local area, and there are spaces where people can get together.

Simon Tucker, centre manager for The Galleries, said: “The Galleries is proud to be an Age Friendly Shopping Centre. Ensuring our staff and facilities can cater to all our customers’ requirements is a commitment we take very seriously and staff receive regular training to help meet this objective.”

John Sanson, General Manager of Grand Arcade said: “Being community based centres we always look for ways to support people of all ages. To be part of the Age Friendly initiative has given us a greater insight in ways we can assist.”

Councillor Keith Cunliffe, deputy leader of Wigan Council and Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care, said: “It is fantastic to see more businesses signing up to this initiative.

“Making sure the borough is equipped to help our elderly residents grow old and live the best life possible is vital to ensuring our communities continue to thrive.”

To find out more or if your business would like to sign up please contact Public Health.

Posted on Thursday 21st March 2019

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