Dementia Friends comes to Standish

Dementia Friends comes to Standish

Residents in Standish are being encouraged to do their bit to help make it a Dementia Friendly village.

So far more than 200 people, including pupils from Standish High School and 20 local businesses, have taken part in Dementia Friends sessions.

Dementia Friends Information sessions teaches people the signs of dementia to look out for and how to offer practical help as well as talking about how to put people in touch with the right support.

It comes as Wigan Council joins forces with partners at Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group and Standish Medical Practice to look at ways of enhancing what is available for people living with dementia and their friends and family.

A new Dementia Friendly Communities Fund is also launching across Standish, Shevington and Aspull with money available for groups and organisations to bid for up to £2,000 towards activities that will benefit people with dementia or their carers.

Councillor Keith Cunliffe, deputy council leader, said: “Our Dementia Friendly Communities programme has already made a huge difference to people living with dementia. With an ever increasing older population in our borough we want to do all we can to make sure that being diagnosed with dementia does not mean that you cannot still play an active role in your community and that the right support for someone with dementia and also their family and friends is there too.

“This new fund will be coming to every area of the borough in the coming months so that every area can benefit from extra support for those living with dementia."

Dr Tim Dalton, Local GP and Chair of NHS Wigan Borough CCG, said, “I’m sure the people in Standish who live with dementia and their carers will really benefit from Standish becoming a more Dementia Friendly Community and I’m pleased that the practice and the CCG are part of this project. This is a great example of how GP practices can work with the Council to support the local community.”

For those interested in finding out more about Dementia Friends and the support available there will be an event to find out more about Dementia Friendly Communities on Friday 23rd November from 2pm to 4pm at Standish Methodist Church on the High Street.

Find more information on activities (external link), contact Kerry Thompson or call 01942 828778.

Posted on Monday 19th November 2018

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