Council tenants encouraged to download ReportIT

Council tenants encouraged to download ReportIT

New ReportIT app developments allow all residents, including council housed tenants, to report even more issues at the tip of their fingers.

Wigan Council’s free application for mobiles and tablets has been updated again so users can report issues in parks, greenspaces and play areas and also now includes a special category specifically for council housed tenants.

Previously, residents in social housing had a Wigan and Leigh Housing app, which allowed them to request repairs and anti-social behaviour in their estates.

As the housing service has now moved back into the council, the old app will be phased out and tenants are being encouraged to migrate to ReportIT so they can continue using the resource.

Lesley O’Halloran, assistant director for customer services at Wigan Council said: “We are always listening to feedback about how we can improve our products and services and by continuing to increase the categories on ReportIT; we’re able to tackle more problems across the borough.

“We also want to make the transition to the council app as seamless as possible for our council tenants because it’s imperative they still have access to a resource specific to them and their areas.”

ReportIT allows all residents to upload a photo of the suspected damage or issue to the app, at which point the council will receive a notification, pinpointing the exact location – providing the residents’ GPS is switched on.

The range of categories for the wider borough has also been extended and residents can now report problems they see specifically in parks, countryside and play areas, such as fallen trees, faulty play equipment and problems with public toilets.

The council has also taken on board user feedback from earlier versions of the app and users can now see updates, making it easier for residents to track the progress of their reports.

The ReportIT app is free to download from Apple, Android and Windows app stores.

Those who do not have mobiles or tablets can report issues online at ReportIT on either personal or library computers.

Posted on Monday 12th June 2017

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