You said we did

In December 2017, we launched a short feedback survey on MyAccount to review customers thoughts and feedback.

Based on your comments we will continually review and make changes to improve your online experience.

Here are some of the changes that we have made so far:

You said we did
 Date Area You said We did
January 2018 General - Error message wasn't clear and no information to contact anyone - Updated the error message and added a Contact us web form
January 2018 Registrars - Wasn't clear on how long the appointment is held for

- Too many pop-up boxes in the booking process

- Need clear information of when appointments can be booked
- Wording added to the select appointment page

- Reduced the amount of pop up boxes in the booking process

- Added information into a table to make it more clear
January 2018 Housing Rents - Not clear how to access the frequently asked questions - Added the FAQ's to the help section
January 2018 Council Tax - Change of address process can be difficult - Currently reviewing the process, including letters and emails that are sent out
January 2018 Bulky Waste - Couldn't find information of what to do if bulky waste items were not collected on the date booked - A contact form has now been added to the booking confirmation, in the event that your bulky waste items are not collected by 5.30pm on your chosen day

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