Download the 'report it' app

How do I get the app on my device?

The 'My Report It' app is available for Apple, Google Play and Windows devices.

It can be downloaded from the relevant app store, see links above.

You will need an email address and once you have installed and verified the app using your email address, you will be able to report issues.

New versions of the app will be introduced from time to time with additional features and bug fixes. You will be asked to download an updated version.

How do I use 'report it' via the App?

To report an environmental issue to us:

  1. Select ‘Begin’
  2. Enter your location using the pin or a postcode
  3. Choose to take/upload a photo of the issue
  4. Describe the issue
  5. Select the category of report from the list
  6. If your chosen category has additional questions, please complete them with as much detail as possible
  7. Press ‘Send now’ to send your report.

For more information on what issues to report and how to use 'report it' via MyAccount visit:


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