Payment of marriage ceremony

  1. To make your outstanding payment you will need to locate your confirmed wedding booking in your MyAccount history. Once you have logged into MyAccount, go to the 'My history' section at the bottom of the homepage to find a list of your last 5 transactions.Registrars payments - image1
  2. If your confirmed wedding booking does not show in these 5 transactions you will need to select 'view more history'. The quickest way to find your confirmed marriage booking is by entering the date that you made your booking. If you're not sure of this exact date, you can search a larger date period.Registrars payments - image
  3. Once the results of the date search have appeared, you will see the completed transactions for those dates. This is where your confirmed wedding booking will show.Registrars payments - image3
  4. Once you have the confirmed booking, click on 'marriage' to be taken to your booking. Select the 'payments' tab to see the booking fee you have paid and the outstanding amount. Select 'pay now' and this will take you to complete your payments.Registrars payments - image4








Now you can complete your online payment for the outstanding amount.


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