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About the service

We are one of Wigan Council’s services for children and young people. We work with children and young people aged 8-18 (and up to 25 if you have a disability or learning disability).

We do lots of different things for children and young people:

  • We run groups that can help you build your confidence to have your say about things that affect young people and can introduce you to opportunities to share your views with people who make decisions.
  • If you need some extra support to get involved because of things going on in your life, you might be interested in joining one of our young people’s groups for young people who are in care, young people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender or questioning your sexuality (LGBTQ), young people who come from different backgrounds, or young people who are passionate about inspiring mental health services.
  • If you’ve been in trouble with the police, we can support you to build your skills and confidence, help you to understand your rights and support you to make sure you complete anything asked of you by the courts. We can help you to set and work towards goals so that you can move on to a more positive future.
  • If you are a young victim of crime we can support you to build your resilience, and offer you the option of restorative justice. Restorative justice aims to resolve conflicts peacefully and to give victims of crime a say over what happens next.
  • We can help you celebrate your achievements, let you know about groups and services in your local community and support you to start getting involved.

Our commitment to young people

We will never label you or make assumptions. We will recognise your strengths, listen to you and consider your needs so that we can help you to reach your full potential.


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