Restorative Justice

About the service

Restorative Justice offers voluntary opportunities for those affected by crime and anti-social behaviour to ask questions and understand more about why a crime has been committed. It gives anyone who has committed a crime the chance to accept responsibility, say sorry and try to repair any harm caused.

If you’ve committed a crime, the restorative justice team can support you and the person your crime has affected, to meet, speak, or write to each other (if the other person wants to). This can help you understand the impact of your crime, take responsibility for what has happened and help you to make amends.

This process is always carefully supported by professionals from the team who will work with both of you until you feel confident and ready to communicate with each other.

If your crime was against a community rather than a person, we can support you to do work to improve that community in some way.


Call: 01942 487978

Email: Targeted Youth Support Services


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