Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

The council is working with the nine other councils in Greater Manchester to develop a new strategic plan for the city region through to 2035. It is called the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Formal consultation on the first draft of the GMSF has now ended. The consultation period ran from 31 October 2016 to 16 January 2017. All comments received during this period will be considered and used to inform how the plan is taken forward.

The draft GMSF sets out:

  • How much housing and employment land is needed and the distribution between each district including Wigan up to 2035.
  • The importance of infrastructure such as health, education, transport, green spaces and utilities to support neighbourhoods and employment.
  • Ways to protect and improve the natural environment.

You can view key questions and answers about the implications of the draft GMSF and what it means for the borough. You can also view the case for Green Belt release for employment development in the borough. For further information about the GMSF visit GMCA website (external link).

Paper copies of the GMSF can be viewed at any of our public libraries in Wigan.


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