Destination Digital

Destination Digital

Building on the success of our previous Destination Digital events, we held a series of free events in the town centre to showcase our digital journey so far and promote Wigan Borough as the destination for a digital future.

Delegates had the chance to get inspired and hear from digital leaders across different sectors explain how harnessing digital technology has helped them. It also gave attendees the opportunity to get advice, collaborate on ideas and explore how we can exploit the digital age.

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Business Breakfast

At the Business Breakfast, delegates heard from digital expert and author Warren Knight, whose thought-provoking presentation reveals how online customers “think” and why every business owner, entrepreneur and sales and marketing manager must integrate their sales and marketing strategy into their digital marketing plan. Delegates learnt how to:

  • Embrace thinking digital first to build brand awareness
  • Market their business to their target audience
  • Increase brand advocacy
  • Effectively spend their time to focus on sales and customer retention through utilising SEO, social media, PPC, and email marketing to generate leads and win new business.

Other speakers included David Rainford from the local Higher Folds Community Centre, Steve McClean from Safety Management Consultancy Ltd and Ian Walker from 3P Logistics, which is a logistics company helping online brands.

Technology and transport

Anna Craciun from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Andrew Beechener from Republic of Things and Ali Rome of FutureEverything delivered a series of presentations on the positive work around Smart Bus Stops and human centred design.

  • TfGM (external link) have an ambitious Innovation Agenda that supports the 2040 Transport Strategy by trialling new techniques to overcome major transport challenges across Greater Manchester
  • Republic of Things have recently worked in the Manchester based CityVerve project with TfGM to develop the “Talkative Bus Stop” concept and are active across many sectors
  • FutureEverything (external link) have facilitated the human centered design process within the CityVerve project, ensuring that the technology being implemented is useful and accessible for those living locally.

After the presentations, Jo Morfee from Innovate<her> (external link) facilitated a workshop to shape a competition for children to design an idea/app around technology and transport, with the winner potentially visiting the Manchester Science Project.


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