Sending secure emails

Egress Switch is a secure email system that allows Wigan Council to communicate with members of the public more securely.

It enables us to protect your personal and sensitive data, and lets you respond and initiate safe correspondence with us.

It's free to use when sending or replying to emails from Wigan Council.

Receiving a secure email from the council

When you receive an email sent via Egress Switch, instead of seeing the content of the email, you will be given a link to view it online, as displayed on the image to the right.

If it's your first time receiving an encrypted email via Egress Switch, you will need to go through a quick and easy registration process.

Once you're registered, any future emails will simply require you to enter your email address and password to view the email.

Already registered with Egress Switch?

If you're already registered with Egress Switch (you may have been communicating securely with another organisation), you will be able to use your existing login details to enable you to communicate securely with us.


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