Our journey so far

In 2010 your council received the biggest budget cut in its history. The cut was the third worst for any local authority in the country. By 2020, your council’s budget will have reduced by £160m. In addition, your council will no longer receive a government grant to fund services; income will only come from Council Tax and Business Rates.

Your council provides more than 700 services for 317,000 residents. From gritting the roads to looking after the vulnerable, hundreds of council services are accessed every single the day. The council works 24 hours a day to keep the borough and its residents safe and well. From the moment you step out the door, you will see council services that you may take for granted such as roads, street lights, schools, bin collections and more.

With over £115m savings made to date and a further £45m to save by 2020, we have made some difficult decisions to save this money. Making the further savings is especially hard because now there are fewer simpler ways the council can reduce costs.

In 2014 we introduced The Deal, an informal agreement between your council and everyone who lives or works here to work together to create a better borough.

We committed to a series of pledges and in return asked residents and businesses to play their part too. We believe we can continue to keep Council Tax bills down but still balance our books if you help by doing things like recycling more, volunteering in your communities and using online services.

Through The Deal, we decided to transform rather than cut services to protect the most vulnerable and to keep front line services that residents value.


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