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The consultation is now closed.

Your council provides more than 700 services for 317,000 residents. More residents are now satisfied with the way the council runs its services compared to 2014.

In 2010 your council received the biggest budget cut in its history. The cut was the third worst for any local authority in the country.

Your council had some significant decisions to make, with over £115m savings made to date and a further £45m to save by 2020. We have managed to save this amount of money whilst continuing to improve many of our services because our residents have worked with us through The Deal.

Through difficult decisions; saving this amount of money is especially hard – because now there are fewer simpler ways the council can reduce costs.

By 2020, your council will no longer receive any government grant and will rely on Council Tax and business rates as an income.

More people now agree that we provide value for money than compared to in 2014. Through The Deal, your council has managed to keep its Council Tax as one of the lowest in Greater Manchester and is proposing to have the lowest increase in Greater Manchester.

We still have savings to make and the only way we can do this is by making difficult choices. Our budget approach has been based on The Deal. We have transformed many of our services for the most vulnerable, and believe in keeping our young people safe and giving them the best start in life. That is why are proposing to:

  • Keep all library services open recognising the vital role they play in communities.
  • Keep all our valued school crossing patrols which help keep our young people safe.
  • Increase the number of children in the borough who are ready for school by continuing to redesign our early intervention services with partners. More than 90% of the borough’s schools are rated good/outstanding and your Council is committed to maintaining this high standard.
  • Invest a further £2m in local community groups this year bringing the total investment to £7.5m and continue to work with them to improve local services.
  • Invest in sports and leisure facilities such as the redevelopment of Howe Bridge Leisure Centre and the £500,000 fund to get the borough on the move.

Your council’s environmental service needs to save £8.3m the next three years. Our recycling rate has fallen to 45 per cent and if we don’t hit 50 per cent by 2020 we could face significant financial penalties resulting in cuts to local services.

Many other councils have already moved to slim bins or three weekly collections and some are considering four weekly collections. Introducing slimmer bins will only save £800,000 per year but will cost £1.9m to replace the bins.

We have looked at these options and are proposing to move to three weekly black bin collections which should improve our recycling rates by at least 6 per cent and saves £2m per year. We are also proposing a three weekly collection for green bins, just between November and March when the number of green bins presented is less. We are seeking your views on the proposal to move to three weekly collections with effect from Autumn 2017.

Your council is committed to supporting existing and new businesses in the borough. This remains a priority and we are not proposing any budget cuts in this area. As part of our strategy to grow a strong economy we have pledged to create 5,000 new jobs, provide 12,000 apprentices and build 10,000 new homes.

The consultation is now closed.



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