Planning for Health Supplementary Planning Document

The council is currently preparing planning guidance to help enable the delivery of healthier developments, which consider the physical and mental health of the local community as part of scheme design. Good development can support strong, vibrant and healthy communities and help create healthy living environments that encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles, which align with both national and local agendas. 

As part of its preparation, we are seeking views on the scope of this guidance, particularly on the following four key elements:

1. The development of 10 key themes which we are proposing will underpin the guidance.

2. The development of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) tool and a Planning for Health Checklist to enable the health and wellbeing impacts of new development proposals to be assessed effectively and consistently.

3. An approach for securing developer contributions to address capacity issues in the health care system that result from new development proposals.

4. An approach for managing the provision of new hot food take-aways and new betting shops across the borough.

To submit your comments, please complete the surveys of interest to you via the links above by Wednesday 7 July 2021. 

To support the completion of the survey on the Health Impact Assessment tool and the Planning for Health Checklist, please view the following documents which are referenced in the survey:


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