Housing Future - consultation closed

The Deal for the Future is the next phase of the council’s journey setting out the goals for 2020. As part of this, we want to know what you think and encourage you to give us your views on the future of our services.

Housing services across Wigan Borough are changing and we need to consider new ways that we can continue to deliver a high level of service to all of our tenants.

As part of this, we have considered ten different models that could provide the service and of these ten, the following four were looked at in more detail:

  • Keep the ALMO
  • Manage housing services within the Council
  • Transfer the housing stock to a housing association
  • Create a local authority housing company

To help make a decision, we considered:

  • Tenant engagement and service quality and performance: we are keen to see increased engagement moving forward
  • Efficiency: providing the best services and housing provision in the borough
  • Alignment of long term plans: to meet council wide priorities particularly around adult social care
  • Regeneration: how can wider regeneration be delivered

After an in depth analysis, a recommendation was put to Wigan Council’s Cabinet on 29th September to consult with tenants on a proposal to return services to the Council.

The council believes that there is a significant opportunity to improve the housing provision by providing an in-house service. By integrating with other service areas there are opportunities to remove duplication, improve efficiency and effectiveness and therefore provide tenants with a more enhanced offer.

The permission to consult was considered by Wigan and Leigh Homes Board on 4th October. Tenant representatives on the board were keen for tenants to play a part in shaping the look and feel of how services could be returned to the council.

This is where we need your input.

We need to know what matters to you about the future of housing in Wigan Borough. We value your opinions and they will help shape how our housing services will look in the future.

Take some time to read the information provided and have your say by sharing with us your thoughts and ideas.

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This consultation is now closed.

Thank you for taking the time to be part of this consultation.


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