Historic Environment Strategy

Wigan's heritage belongs to the people of the borough. We all have a responsibility to protect it and a right to enjoy it. Our historic environment is a key part of that heritage. This includes historic buildings, structures and ruins, conservation areas, historic gardens and landscapes.

This consultation draft Historic Environment Strategy sets out the Council’s vision and priorities for the protection of the borough’s historic environment, together with a robust framework to support the delivery of projects that affect it.

The strategy covers three themes:

  • Understanding our historic environment
  • Valuing our historic environment
  • Managing and protecting our historic environment

The Council owns a number of heritage assets, but most are owned and managed privately by people and businesses, or by local community groups and voluntary bodies. We want this strategy to be used by all those groups, so that they can work in co-operation with local communities and the council to help conserve and enhance the borough’s historic environment.

Have your say - your responses

Thank you for taking part in our Historic Environment Strategy survey. We received a large number of replies and have now had time to analyse and reflect on what you told us was important in our historic environment.

As a result of this we will continue to engage with local heritage organisations to better deliver the objectives of our strategy.


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