'It's not you, its me' quiz


Have you ever......described someone by race e.g. Asian doctor, black footballer?

When describing somebody, inserting racial and ethnic descriptions for no reason can be a form of hidden bias. Over 5000 of our Northwest NHS workforce are EU nationals and provide healthcare for our friends, families and communities. Tackle bias and welcome residents regardless of individual backgrounds. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......chosen another seat on public transport or the cinema to avoid someone of colour?

This kind of discrimination and bias can impact many and can cause conflict amongst our communities. Consider others before taking action. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......asked someone 'where they are really from’?

Asking someone 'where they are really from' implies they aren't actually 'from here'. Acceptance is key in our borough and we need to welcome people regardless of individual circumstances. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......said to a boy ‘stop screaming like a girl’?

Common casual insults like this can emphasise negative stereotypes and unconscious gender bias. Let’s challenge bias behaviour together and promote gender equality. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......assumed that your doctor is a male?

It’s stereotypical to make assumptions about career choice and gender. Assuming someone is good or bad at an activity just because of their gender isn’t an obvious stereotype but could be seen as sexist. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......avoided eye contact with someone who has a physical or mental disability?

People with disabilities often face subtle forms of bias and can make it difficult for them to interact with others. The department of work and pensions state that people with disabilities are significantly more likely to be victims of crime than non-disabled people. Read more (external link)


Have you ever......assumed a female colleague has a male partner?

Lots of people are in same sex relationships and we have lots of young people making up our LGBTQ community in Wigan. Not all people are in traditional relationships or have a traditional family unit but why should this matter?


Have you ever......assumed an older person can’t use technology or social media?

Older people can often be portrayed as ‘behind the times’ or ‘incapable’ when it comes to technology. As a borough we have a strong digital presence with the average daily visits to our council website being 30,736 and over the last financial year we’ve had 908 people aged 55+ have been supported to get online by the partners of Wigan Council’s digital task force. Read more (external link)

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