Believe in Her

BelieveInHer A campaign to empower women of Wigan

The campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the issue of gender inequality and encourage people to take action
  • Create a platform to highlight role models in the community, males that are taking a stand against gender inequality
  • Inspire schools, colleges and other organisations to use this campaign to help address gender inequality issues

Women should be equal in our homes, our societies, our governments, and in our workplaces.

Act now!

Believe in her is supporting a behaviour change for gender equality. We want to encourage men and women to join the conversation; and bring down the boundaries and limitations that gender inequality puts up.

Join our efforts and be a part of the conversation!

Sign up to the pledge to take action against the discrimination facing women and girls.

#BelieveInHer commitment

Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it affects everyone, men included.

It affects the young who’ll shape our future and the men who have hopes that their daughters will grow up in a world where they are safe and treated as equals.

It affects the men that want to show a sensitive side as much as it does the women who want to be strong.

For the campaign to succeed it requires a behaviour change needs your commitment.

Sign up to pledge and then share the message with your family, friends and colleagues.

Other campaigns

International Women's Day - 8 March 2021

International Women's Day (external link) is a national campaign set up to empower women of all ages to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Many residents and local celebrities have backed the campaign such as Jenny Meadows (Team GB athlete), Sarah Jayne Dunn (Actress) and Matty Smith (Wigan Warriors player). The Believe In Her campaign was set up to inspire women of the borough to achieve their dreams and all residents of the borough to support gender equality.

Pledge your support on social media by tagging Wigan Council and using the hash tags #BelieveInHer #PledgeForParity.

The pledge

"To change behaviour and to take action against all forms of gender inequality and discrimination facing women and girls."

Number of pledges so far:400

Sign up now

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Who's shown their support

Janice Barton, Chief Executive of WALH, Wigan Council Senior Management Team pledge their support

Janice Barton

Senior Management Team

Zoe Hughes, Triple Jumper and Mark and Laura from Wigan Council showing their support

Zoe Hughes

Mark O'Brien and Laura Quinn

Police and Health team and Leigh Miners Ladies team are pledging their support

Police and Health members

Leigh Miners Ladies

David Perkins and Max Power from Wigan Athletic supporting White Ribbon Campaign

David Perkins, Max Power

Wigan Athletic

Wigan Warriors and Leigh Centurion pledge their support

Wigan Warriors

Leigh Centurions

Shaun and the Mayor pledge their support

Shaun Wane

Cllr Phyl Cullen

Laura and Sarah pledge their support

Louise Hart

Sarah-Jayne Dunn

Neomi and Rory pledge their support

Neomi Midgeley

Rory Gilmore

Steph and Grace pledge their support

Steph Gore

Grace Thompson

Sean and Matty pledge their support

Sean O'Loughlin

Matty Smith

Fuifui and Heather pledge their support

Fuifui Moimoi

Heather Frederiksen

Shevington U-10's Football Club and NHS Clinical Commissioning Group pledge their support

Shevington U-10's Football Club

Clinical Commissioning Group

Hannah Sweeney and James Winterbottom pledge their support

Hannah Sweeney

James Winterbottom

Kath Sargent and Jack Bainbridge pledge their support

Kath Sargent

Jack Bainbridge

Wigan library staff and Tasty Bites have pledged their support

Library staff (Emma, Cayte and Laura)

Tasty Bites owner and staff



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