Believe I'm Only Human

Support behaviour change on issues of prejudice.

The campaign aims to generate a sense of pride and cohesion so that residents and visitors feel welcome and safe.

We want to create a sense of responsibility, trust, confidence amongst the wide community so that we can celebrate and accept difference.

  • Raise awareness of prejudice and bias that exists within our community
  • Help people to challenge bias
  • Encourage people to take positive, unifying action
  • Create a platform to highlight role models in the community
  • Share personal stories
  • Pledge support
  • Inspire schools, colleges, businesses and other organisations to use this campaign to take action.

We need to break stereotypes, encourage people to challenge their own thinking and act positively.

Act now!

Speak about it

#BelieveImOnlyHuman encourages you to be part of the conversation to challenge bias and prejudice based on race, religion, sexuality, disability, age and gender.

Bias and prejudice exists at all levels and in many different forms - explicit and implicit.

Learn how to challenge bias and prejudice in yourself and others by taking our quiz and recognise that ‘It’s not you, it’s me!’

Explain it

Local people are fronting the campaign and sharing their experiences.

Show your support for the campaign using #BelieveImOnlyHuman

Don’t ignore it

Bias influences how people are treated, how they interact with each other and how they are perceived.

Be part of the conversation and pledge your support to take action against prejudice in our community.

Change it

We are all human, see the person, celebrate difference, and believe difference makes us stronger.

Let’s change behaviour and encourage acceptance together!

100 Years of the Suffragette

The next phase of the Believe campaign celebrates International Women’s Day, we aim to inspire and celebrate the achievements of women.

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #PressforProgress and to embrace this we can help challenge stereotypes and bias, influence others’ beliefs and actions, forge positive visibility of women and celebrate women’s achievements, to name a few.

This year is also significant as we mark 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed the first women, and all men, to vote for the first time.  Although there have been advances in women's rights, we aim to call on people to forge a better working world, keep motivated to create momentum in striving for gender parity, as well as making a positive difference #VOTE100.

The pledge

For the campaign to succeed it requires a behaviour change and needs your commitment.

Be part of the conversation #BelieveImOnlyHuman and sign up to the pledge.

Sign up now

  • Name
  • Gender
  • How did you hear about the campaign?
Case studies

Online bullying

We are committed to taking a stand against online bullying as part of #BelieveImOnlyHuman, working closely with partners across Greater Manchester to protect our residents and staff while online.

We’re asking individuals to behave responsibly online, this means treating others with respect, kindness and appreciating others’ views and opinions.

We are pledging to take action against online bullying and we will not tolerate aggressive or abusive comments on our social media channels.

We have created a social media charter for all of our followers to adhere to and will take action whenever we witness hateful or abusive comments. We will be calling on social media channels to take action and stop the keyboard warriors.

If you would like to take part in the campaign use the hashtag #NoBystanders or #LetsTakeAStandTogether

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