We work to rigorous standards to ensure your child is provided with a tasty, nutritious and safe meal.

Food-based standards

The new food-based standards are mandatory for all maintained schools, new academies and free schools in England, offering school caterers more flexibility when planning their menus.

Our Nutrition Officer checks all our school menus to ensure compliance with the standards, providing a nutritionally balanced meal based on a high fibre, low fat, low sugar and low salt diet.

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Sensitive diets and allergies

Due to the nature of our operation, food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present. Therefore we cannot fully guarantee that any food or drinks will be completely free from allergens. However, we are committed to ensuring the safety of customers who have an allergy or food intolerance and operate a rigorous food safety management system. This includes:

  • Displaying allergy posters in high schools to signpost customers needing allergen information
  • In Primary and Special Schools we work with the school in developing a care plan which involves parents and health professionals, to ensure the requirements of pupils with intolerances or allergies are met
  • Providing suitable training and instruction to the catering management team and frontline staff
  • Continuing to monitor the effectiveness of our food safety system.

Where a child has a number of allergies or intolerances we will conduct a risk assessment and if it’s identified that the overall risk to the child is high we reserve the right to not provide a school lunch to that pupil.


We hold all allergen information on file for every product on our supplier list - this is available on request.


We do not use any recipes that contain nuts or nut by-products in our school menus, civic or hospitality catering. However, current labelling regulations mean that no guarantee can be given that ingredients have been prepared in a fully nut-free environment without risk of contamination.


We understand that some people have particular sensitivities to certain foods that non-sufferers would find harmless. This can be due to a medically diagnosed requirement, food intolerance or medical condition.

We also appreciate that religious belief can affect what a person can eat. HALAL certified food is only popular with a very small percentage of customers and as such has an impact on our supply chain. In Primary and Special schools we would only provide Halal products where there has been agreement depending on customer demand. Where this has been agreed HALAL products are only purchased with an approved HALAL Certification.

In high schools we do provide dishes that are prepared with HALAL products and these are clearly labelled at the point of sale.


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