Lunch Bunch

Our menus are developed by our highly trained staff and offer 4 choices of main meals and 3 choices of dessert, which are compliant with School Food Standards (January 2015) and nutritionally analysed. By making the food both attractive and suitable for children, it helps to increase the uptake of school meals. 

We have a generic 3 week menu available, which you can tailor and adapt to your school.

Our food

  • Delicious, freshly made dishes
  • Protein items that promote low salt, low sugar and low saturated fat
  • At least 3 of your 5 a day
  • Freshly made cakes and biscuits containing fruit and cereals, where possible
  • Fresh potatoes of the day and fresh or frozen vegetables, locally sourced when in season
  • Stork margarine, red tractor meat (external link), free range eggs, sustainably sourced fish (Marine Stewardship Council (external link))
  • Water offered with the meal.

Our dishes are largely made from scratch and use only the best quality ingredients.

Why have school lunches?

Fruit and vegetablesSchool meals offer your child a varied and nutritionally balanced meal, saving you time and effort in preparing a healthy packed lunch. As a parent, you can have peace of mind that with the wide variety of school meal choices available every day, there will always be something on the menu that your child will enjoy. 

  • Our school dinners are prepared by highly trained staff using fresh ingredients
  • We ensure that our menus meet current nutritional standards and allergen legislation
  • We cater to special dietary requirements
  • Research has shown that a healthy, nutritious school meal improves concentration in class and helps children cope with the demands of the school day
  • We have regular theme day menus that link to cultural and educational events. Take a look at our theme menus for the new school year.

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