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Thinking local

We have a reputation that is built on providing a quality food service, cost effectively and with the environment in mind. We use local and regional suppliers to minimise food miles, ensuring the best use of sustainable resources and supporting the local economy.

Local food Map

  • All our fresh vegetables are farmed locally
  • 95% of our school food suppliers are classed as local, providing fresh and seasonal produce wherever possible
  • 80% of our food purchases are produced by local businesses
  • Our fresh meat products are ethically sourced
  • We are one of only a handful of local authority caterers to hold the Good Egg Award (external link), which recognises companies that use cage-free eggs or egg products.

We will work in partnership with schools to recycle more to support the environment and The Deal, the council’s informal contract with residents to improve Wigan borough.

Our key suppliers

  • Hopwells - Burscough, Lancashire
  • Morris Quality Bakers - Coppell
  • Ralph Liveseys - Preston, Lancashire
  • Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation - Wakefield
  • Clifton Dairies - Fylde

Healthy eating

We are committed to providing a high quality service that promotes healthy eating to children and staff across the borough. 

  • We use quality, fresh ingredients to ensure that all our menus meet the School Food Standards, providing a nutritionally balanced meal, based on a high fibre, low sugar and low salt diet
  • We continually review our products to ensure we offer dishes that are healthy for children
  • We work closely with our colleagues in the Start Well (children centres) and Public Health teams to educate children to make good food choices and share skills to cook basic healthy meals.

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