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Norley Hall Adventure Playground

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Norley Hall Adventure Playground is an open access, large play space with numerous wooden play structures and is staffed by a team of fully qualified Playworkers. The Playworkers provide a safe and welcoming environment for children and young people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

We aim to provide as many play opportunities as possible, offering experiences that the child may not usually have, supporting not just their physical health, but their social and emotional wellbeing too.

What we offer

Den building, making fires, outdoor cooking and large-scale art projects are just a few of the opportunities we provide. The playground is fully inclusive for all children regardless of ability.

We also have an indoor facility for children to enjoy various indoor play activities, as well as providing a place to play Nintendo Wii and other games.

The indoor facility has a fully accessible toilet and changing facility and, when available, refreshments are provided at a small cost.

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