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Sign up to Self-Led for weight management

The Self-Led programme is currently unavailable. We are working hard to restart these sessions as soon as possible in line with government guidelines. Keep checking this page for further updates.

12 week FREE flexible weight loss plan with healthy eating advice and specialist instructor support.

If you struggle to make time to attend a regular exercise session or group programme or prefer to kickstart your health on your own, our Self-Led digital programme is the way to go.

Combining the latest technology with remote and digital support, Self-Led keeps you motivated to move more often. It puts you in control, so you can work out at your own pace, towards your own goals, in your own time, safe in the knowledge that our instructors are available to help and support you along the way. You really can lose weight your way.

Enjoy free use of any of our leisure centres for gym, classes, swimming or join one of our running or sport groups. If none of that takes your fancy, work out your own way in your own time. You’ll also receive healthy eating tips, plus regular access to our instructors online and via phone.

How do I get started?

We meet you to get set up. Your initial appointment can take place at any one of our leisure centres across the borough.

After that, you simply need to be active weekly, track yourself using our app and engage in our nutrition and behaviour change programme. Our instructors will set you up and explain how each system works for you.

Who can join?

FREE for anyone based in Wigan borough, aged over 18 years with a BMI of 25+ - calculate your BMI (external link).

  • LWFG is delivered by Wigan Council, Liverpool FT NHS and a range of partners on behalf of Wigan Council for the specific purpose of providing you with weight management support. To access the service we need to send any relevant details that you have supplied us on this form to the provider and on occasion may need to share them with your GP, Wigan Council and other LWFG providers to ensure constant service improvement.
  • I agree to be contacted by letter, email, telephone and SMS text message



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