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Active Ageing aims to help you maintain your independence through keeping active in later life. Along with the health benefits of becoming more active, our participants enjoy getting out of the house and meeting like-minded people.

We deliver an evidence-based strength and balance programme, a cycle pedal lone scheme and extra support for people with dementia to become more active.

We work closely with NHS professionals, GPs, adult social care and other local organisations as part of a wider offer and support network for residents across the borough.

Our Active Ageing programmes

Our team of qualified and experienced instructors will support you to improve your wellbeing, mobility, strength and balance with a flexible programme that can be adapted to meet your health needs.

Strength and balance

These evidence-based sessions are designed to help you improve your balance, strength, co-ordination and your confidence to get out and about. This includes group sessions, home-based activities and a digital offer. Classes last approximately 45 minutes and prices start from £3.00. We have group sessions across the borough in leisure venues, church halls and community centres. The class is partly seated and partly standing. If you have any health conditions you may need to speak to your GP or Practice Nurse first.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Our team can provide one to one support for participants (including people living with dementia or cognitive impairments) and their carers to take part in the wider Be Well offer whether it's joining the gym, swimming, attending group exercise sessions or getting active outdoors. There are also opportunities to take part in our Activity Cafes, disability swimming sessions and Memory Walks.

Pedal Loan Scheme

We are bringing cycling into people’s homes by introducing a safe and secure way for people to enjoy a bike ride using portable pedals. These portable pedals can be used with the feet or hands to ensure more people are able to participate and the resistance can be altered to suit any individual’s needs.

Standing Tall App

Be Well has been invited to take part in a research project with NeuRA and Manchester Uni to trial an App called StandingTall.

This programme is for anyone who wants to improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling. StandingTall is recommended for people aged 60 years or over who can walk within their own home without the use of walking aid.

It's tailored to your abilities based on the results of regular balance assessments and how difficult you rate each exercise at completion. If you use a walking aid when you go outside the programme will make sure the exercises start easy and only get more challenging when you are ready. If you are still very active and would like to maintain your balance, then the exercises will be progressed to a harder level to make sure it is challenging for you.

The Standing Tall programme is delivered through a tablet device such as an iPad or a computer so that you can exercise at home in your own time. There are on screen instructions to follow to complete your exercise sessions and a monthly balance assessment.

How to participate

If you would like to find out more about the Active Ageing programmes or if you know of a friend or relative that you think would benefit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Useful resources

Download the Keep On Keep Up app - this NHS-approved app helps older adults improve strength, balance and optimise healthy ageing, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of falls. It provides tailored exercises and evidence based games which can be easily completed independently at home, by older adults.



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