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Borough Life Spring 2006: 40,000 homes added to green recycling rounds

Gail Schofield and Fred Woolhead
Council recycling guru Gail Schofield and Tyldesley resident Fred Woolhead launching the green waste collections.

The popular green waste home collection service is being extended.

The council has been monitoring the initial trial to 40,000 properties around the borough, and has now given the green light for an additional 40,000 green bins. Delivery will start in April and continue through to September.

Cllr David Molyneux, cabinet member for the environment said: “The scheme has been extremely popular with residents. More than two thirds of homes with green bins have been using the service, so I’m pleased we are able to extend it.”

From the launch of the scheme in April 2005 to the end of October, residents have put 4,000 tonnes of garden waste and cardboard in their green wheelie bins.

The garden waste is being used on local farms to grow crops. Green garden waste – grass, leaves, chopped branches, cuttings – is welcome in the green bins, plus clean brown cardboard.

But some bins have been found to contain items that can’t be accepted, such as plastic bin bags and plant pots, soil, nappies or meat and veg. These seriously contaminate the process.

Strict European legislation means the amounts of materials councils can send to landfill tips is being reduced. Authorities risk heavy fines for missing recycling targets, and Wigan Council has worked closely with residents to improve local collection rates.

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