Library Services

Our libraries offer a wide range of services to meet your educational and recreational needs. You can get online for free, take part in activities and learn new skills.

There is a network of branch libraries (external link)| throughout the borough where you can gain access to:

  • books on all subjects
  • CDs and DVDs
  • videos
  • talking books
  • newspapers and magazines.

Reference and enquiry services and a range of events and activities (external link)| for both adults and children are also available.

How to join

The library is free to join and open to all ages. Children aged under 16 need to have their application form signed by a parent or guardian.  You will need to provide evidence of your identity and where you live. 

If you can't get into a library, you can take advantage of our Home Library Service (external link)|, or the Talking Book Service (external link)|.

Renew books

If you want to find out more about libraries in the borough see Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (external link).|


We do not currently offer an ebooks lending system because of concerns about those currently available. Many publishers simply do not wish to make their books available to public libraries and many ebooks are not able to be read on the very popular standard Amazon Kindle.

A trial is being undertaken nationally to address these concerns|. Hopefully following this we will identify a comprehensive system we can purchase.


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