Transferring schools

Information about applying for a school transfer

You can find information about schools in Wigan and their admission arrangements in the information booklets 'Admissions to Primary Schools' or 'Admissions to Secondary Schools'. You can download these or we can send you a copy.

Who will deal with my application?

If you want to apply for a transfer of school you must apply to your home local authority. This is the local authority which collects your Council Tax. This applies whether you want a school place in your home authority or in Wigan. If you are moving to the Wigan area and have a definite moving date please complete the Wigan in-year transfer form and provide proof of your new address with your application.

What you should consider before applying for a place at another school

It is generally in a child’s best interest to remain at the same school. Whatever the stage of education your child is in, changing schools can cause disruption. You should think about the following points before making a decision.

Is your child having problems at their current school?

If your child is having problems, a change of school is not always the answer. You should discuss any concerns with your child's Headteacher before you apply for a transfer. There are many support agencies that will be able to help. The Headteacher of your child's school will be able to advise what help is available.

Does your child have a statement of special needs?

If your child is receiving extra support through a special needs statement or is in the process of getting a statement you may wish to speak to their current headteacher or SEN case officer before applying to transfer school.

Is your child in key stage 4 (years 10 or 11)?

If your child is in year 10 or year 11, you should think very carefully before moving them for any reason. Key Stage 4 curriculum is different in each secondary school. A different school is unlikely to be able to offer all the same subject options, such as GCSE's and diplomas, for which your child has studied and completed coursework. Even if they do, they may use different examination boards or syllabuses. You need to speak to the school you are interested in about options and exams before making a request to transfer.

Are you moving house?

If you are thinking of moving house and your child would have to change school, there may not be places available at the school you want. Some schools are full in all or most year groups and we cannot guarantee there will be a place available in the area you intend to move to.

Am I guaranteed a place at the school I want?

No. All schools have an admission limit for each year group. The School Places team can provide a guide as to the number of places available in particular schools and year groups but this is not an offer of a place. An offer of a school place will be made in writing once an application has been received and processed.

Your application will be processed using the 'equal preference' system. Please see the admissions booklet for details.

If you live in Wigan and your child does not have a school place, if we cannot offer a place at the school you want we will offer a place at an alternative school. If you live in another local authority they will offer you an alternative school. Your child should continue to attend their current school during the application/appeal process if geographically possible.

How do I apply for a transfer to another school?

If you live in Wigan please complete the Wigan Council in-year transfer form with your preferences of school (either Wigan schools or school in another local authority) and return it to the School Places Team. If you live in another local authority please complete their in-year transfer form and return it to them.

Preferences for voluntary aided (church) schools

The admission criteria of voluntary aided (church) schools usually take account of church membership and/or church attendance. They ask about this on their supplementary information form. If any of your preferences is a voluntary aided school you are strongly advised to fill in the school's own supplementary information form and return it with your Wigan Council in-year transfer form. You should fill in a supplementary information form for each voluntary aided school you name, whether it is your first, second or third preference. You can get copies of these forms below, the School Places Team or the school.

It is important your child continues to attend their current school should you decide to apply for a place at another school. Please complete a separate application form for each child.


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