Council Tax Reduction

The Council Tax Reduction scheme replaces the previous Council Tax Benefit scheme.

Who can apply for Council Tax Reduction?

To apply for Council Tax Reduction you must be the person whose name is on the Council Tax bill.

You may qualify if you are:

  • On Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit
  • On Pension Credit, Guaranteed Credit and in some cases Savings Credit
  • Working and on low pay (including people who are self employed)
  • On a low income. For example, you might only get a retirement pension or be getting social security benefits, like Incapacity Benefit.

Who will be affected?

  • All working aged households receiving Council Tax Benefit - except those with children under five.

The Council Tax Reduction scheme will only apply to households of working age who do not have children under five. Most of these households will receive 20 per cent less support than through the previous Council Tax Benefit scheme. Some of these households will lose all support.

  • Households that have capital savings over £12,000 will lose all support under the new scheme
  • Households that currently get Second Adult Rebate will lose all support under the new scheme.

Who will NOT be affected?

  • Pensioner households
  • Households with children under five.

These households will have their reduction assessed using the Government's new national Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This scheme mirrors the previous Council Tax Benefit Scheme and so these households will not see any loss of support from 1 April 2013.

How to apply

You must apply directly to us. You can only get Council Tax Reduction from the date we receive your application.

You need to tell us straight away| if you are receiving a Council Tax Reduction and you have a change in circumstances.

We are unable to offer backdated support, entitlement to Council Tax Reduction will only begin from the day we actually receive a valid claim.


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