Performance Briefing 2006/07 - Planning - Page 1 of 1701/04/2007
Briefing Book Performance Briefing 2006/07 - Planning
This book contains performance indicators relating to planning and economic regeneration
Owner: Kimber, Martin
 Page 2 how to use this performance briefingGuidance on how to use this performance briefing
 Page 3 BV106% new homes built on previously developed land
 Page 4 BV111
 Page 5 BV109a% major planning applications determined within 13 weeks
 Page 6 BV109b% minor planning applications determined within 8 weeks
 Page 7 BV109c% other planning applications determined within 8 weeks
 Page 8 BV200a Plan-making (Development Plan)
 Page 9 BV200b Plan making milestones
 Page 10 BV200c Annual monitoring report
 Page 11 BV 204 Appeals against refused planningNumber of planning appeal decisions allowed against the authorities decision to refuse planning applications
 Page 12 BV 205 Quality of ServiceScore against a 'quality of planning services' checklist
 Page 13 Cor Plan: Number of new businessesThe number of new businesses opening in the borough
 Page 14 Cor Plan: Private sector investmentThe amount of private sector investment secured
 Page 15 Regeneration programmes spent to profileThe % regenration programmes spent to profile
 Page 16 Cor Plan:Commercial property leased/soldThe number of square feet of commercial property leased or sold
 Page 17 ScorecardAn overview of our performance in this area
how to use this performance briefingBV106BV111BV109aBV109bBV109cBV200a Plan-making (Development Plan)BV200b Plan making milestonesBV200c Annual monitoring reportBV 204 Appeals against refused planningBV 205 Quality of ServiceCor Plan: Number of new businessesCor Plan: Private sector investmentRegeneration programmes spent to profileCor Plan:Commercial property leased/soldVisit INPHASE